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Versatile armrest for any kind of strollers and pushchairs. Assembly requires round pipe of circumference of 5 cm (Ø16 mm) (1.97inch). It's essential to ensure the safety of a child.

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Hello there!

We would like to introduce you our versatile armrest for any kind of stroller. 
We guarantee you that it will be useful during every spring-summer walk!

 Bambi's armrest is made to prevent a Baby sitting in a stroller. 
 Thanks to its universal bracket it fits to any kind of stroller with round pipes around the seat. 


Pipes of the stroller located on each side of it have to be round  - a pipe with other shape (elliptic, square, rectangle, etc.)
would not fit for Bambi armrest and it will not guarantee the safety of a child.


 The Circumference of a pipe in the place of assembly have to be 5cm (1.97inch).
 (you can measure it with a tailor measure or by applying thin slip of paper and then measuring it).
Other way of the measurement is using the caliper - a diameter of the pipe for this Bambi's armrest is Ø16. mm.

Is the pipe too thick? Don't worry! Please, contact us. 
In our offer there is also armrest for stroller with pipes of circumference of 6,3 cm (Ø20 mm) (2,5 inch), 
for individual orders we can make a bit bigger bracket - for thicker pipes.

 Does the pipe have other shape? Unfortunately we cannot help you. 
Each armrest for stroller which we are producing is designed for most common type - round pipes.

 The assembly is showed in the photo in gallery of the product. 

Handful information about the Bambi's armrest.

We are certainly aware of the fact that Bambi's armrests are assembled in many strollers of different brands
which has among others various seat width or shape of a frame.

Nevertheless, we are still dealing with difficulties, and we are making a product which would fit for any kind of stroller.
 You don't have to bend or straighten anything - the most important of all is that pipe should be right and the Bambi's armrest will handle it.
That's the reason we ensure to make it flexible.

We are the producer of Bambi Prams.
Our armrest for stroller is only addition which we made for many our Customers requests.

 For the production armrests and prams we are using certified, waterproof fabrics. 
Due to that, every Bambi's armrest is extremely resistant to damages and also glamorous because it's sewed with high quality fabrics.

The armrest for the stroller itself is soft and comfy for the baby, because we placed a foam inside it.
The circumference of Bambi's armrest for the stroller is 12 cm (4,7 inch) and it's length 50 cm (19.7 inch).

Mentioned certificates are PN-EN 1888:2012. Every Bambi product fully complies with those standards.  

 When you'll take a look at Bambi's armrest you'll surely notice diversity of colours. 
It might sound immodest but there can be much more colours and those presented in gallery
of the product are only the Bambi's basic palette.

We are the producer, we have our own warehouse of fabrics. There are no limits for us. 

The stroller armrest  is assembled with plastic element which is very durable. It has never been damaged. 

Our armrest is simple and safe for use. 
To let in or let out Baby from the stroller you only have to unfasten one of the brackets and then pull the armrest from the seat of stroller. 

Closing remarks

Please, keep in mind to choose the colour of armrest during making an order. 

 In our offer we have also armrests for stroller with bracket on thicker pipes.
There are two of them in this shop - circumference 5 cm (2 inch) and 6,3 cm (2,5 inch).
Individually we are able to prepare others, but the pipes must be round!

Kindest regards and have a nice shopping!
Bambi Banaszkiewicz team

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